While there are settings that you can customize through the menu system in Power BI for a custom theme, one of the settings you cannot edit is to add a default background image to your pages. Here are 5 easy steps to create a theme that incorporates a background image for each page.


1. Customize the default theme with your colors, fonts, etc.

2. Export the customized theme.

Save the theme as a JSON file.

3. Encode the background image you want to use in Base64.

Here is a site that will do it for you: Image to Base64 Converter – Encode Images to Base64 – Online – Browserling Web Developer Tools

I took our default slide master in PowerPoint, added the logo, and saved as PNG. Then I took that file and used the above site to encode as Base64. Here’s the final JSON file I used if you’d like to utilize it as well.

4. Open the JSON theme in a text editor.

Add the following snippet to the “visualStyles” section of the JSON theme you saved in Step 2:

“page”: {

“*”: {

              “background”: [


                             “image”: {

                                           “name”: “<>”,

                                           “scaling”: “Fit”,

                                           “url”: “data:image/jpeg;base64,<>”


                             “transparency”: 0





Everything between the “<<” and the “>>” needs to be replaced including the “<<”/”>>”.

5. Browse and import the updated theme.

Here’s what the BGTheme looks like with a blank page in Power BI:

There are many other customizable settings you can specify in a custom theme that aren’t exposed thru the “Customize current theme” option from the View menu. You can go so far as to customize the look-and-feel of each individual visualization type.

In Conclusion

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