Do you want to learn more about Cosmos DB for SQL Server Admins and Developers? In a recent webinar you’ll get a quick outline of Cosmos DB, Microsoft’s multi-model database service, and why to use it. Cosmos DB is:

  • Horizontally partitioned – it uses replica sets to scale horizontally
  • Distributed globally – redundancy is built in
  • Built for the cloud – Cosmos DB has on on-prem version, it only runs on Azure
  • It supports APIs such as SQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra

The presentation also touches upon the ‘why’ of using Cosmos DB as the presenter uses a recent project as an example of why Cosmos made sense.

From there this webinar describes how indexing works, what the consistency levels all mean, and how your JSON should be designed based on your query patterns, as well as some things to think about to get into the mind shift to NoSQL.

There are some short demos included in this deep dive into Cosmos DB for SQL Server Admins and Developers, so if you’re interested in Cosmos DB and what the benefits are, this webinar is for you. You can watch the complete webinar below.

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