Do you want to learn how to contain your ETL within Power BI? In a recent webinar with Consultant Nick Lee you’ll learn some tips and tricks when it comes to setting up your ETL process within Power BI. ETL inside of Power BI gives us self service capabilities. These self service capabilities are what many people in IT, finance and marketing strive for today and the reason why many are moving to Power BI.

If you don’t know ETL (Extract, Form, Load) is the process of getting data from its source and putting it into a report and making it usable or actionable. Extract is pulling the data out of the source, transform is adding any business rules we need to the data, and load is the loading of that data into a consumable report.

This webinar is spent on a step by step demo of the ETL process within Power BI. If you’ve used a cube before, you can build cube, which is multi-dimensional model, inside of Power B. All processes you may know like star and snowflake schema and the Kimball method can all be done at once inside of Power BI.

If you’d like a walk through demo of how to contain your ETL within Power BI, then this webinar is for you. You can watch the complete webinar below.

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