BlueGranite was acquired by 3Cloud on August 15, 2022.

The BlueGranite team has so much to be thankful for this year! Whether we are working to support our clients, our team, or building relationships with our partners, we are constantly learning, growing, and maturing as an organization. As 2021 draws to a close, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments, and express our thanks to the industry, the community, and the people in our organization who’ve helped us become who we are today.



2021 Highlights

This proved to be another record year for BlueGranite – we’re thankful to our staff, clients, and partners for that growth, and for our continued success. We added new team members, expanded our partnerships, and gave back to communities across the U.S. We also continued to foster strong client relationships through our innovative solutions.


This year we welcomed 27 new faces to the BlueGranite team! Thanks to our newest members, we have expanded our nationwide presence with team members located in 16 states across the U.S. and clients located in 31 states. In addition to our team expansion, we are pleased to announce that we spurred business growth by 24 percent this year.


This year, Microsoft awarded BlueGranite as its 2018 MSUS Data & AI Partner for Big Data Analytics, and as a global 2018 Big Data Analytics Partner of the Year finalist. We are excited that our successful delivery of Microsoft Data and AI solutions to our clients stood out among the 2,600 partner entries from 115 countries, meriting one of only 39 coveted Microsoft award opportunities. We are honored by Microsoft’s recognition of our commitment to innovation, and we can’t wait to see what is in store for BlueGranite in 2022!

Our success this year allowed us to be able to give back to our local communities once again. BlueGranite sponsored its fifth annual Day of Service program, where we encourage team members to spend a work day volunteering for a local nonprofit organization of their choice. Across the country, employees came together to donate their time and service to 10 charitable U.S. organizations – volunteering for multiple food banks across the country; working to help provide housing for those that cannot afford it; implementing and upgrading tech at a kids’ summer camp; preparing fleece blankets for children in need; cleaning up Michigan’s rivers; and more. We would like to extend a huge thanks to our team members for giving their time and energy to these great causes!

Sponsoring a family – reach out to Austin
In addition to volunteering time in 2021, BlueGranite announced its second annual BlueGranite Give Back program: our team members nominate, then vote for, a nonprofit organization to support in December. This year, we chose the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Greater Toledo, a nonprofit organization that promote wellness – through education, support, and advocacy – for individuals and family members in Greater Toledo living with mental health issues and illness.

Lastly, we’ve decided the best way to show our gratuity would be to share personal insights from our experts on what they are most thankful for this year:


James Mitterling, Managed Services Lead
In 2020, flexibility and understanding has been a resounding gong that rang across every nation. We have had to navigate much, make major adjustments, and evaluate priorities in an expeditious pace. I am thankful for every family moment gained this year, whether it be for working from home and/or school, family members coming together to support loved ones, or for any other reason that has unified families. The thematic priority and focus on collectively coming together and caring for one another has encouraged me this year, and I hope that is carried forward.


Sabrina Jordan, Solution Consultant
I am thankful I joined BlueGranite this year! I am grateful for the opportunities BlueGranite and its clients give me to learn and apply knowledge, and so appreciative of the incredible teammates at this company. Every single one is a top performer who leaps to help others, and it’s exhilarating to be part of it.


Dawn Clement, Solution Consultant
I am thankful to work with a high-performing, talented team at BlueGranite to have a direct impact on others: through innovation, service, and partnerships.


Megan Quinn, Solution Consultant
I’m thankful for the opportunity to constantly learn and sharpen AI and Data Platform skills while working with a variety of clients and industries.


Rosana VanVleet, Senior Consultant
I am thankful to work with a dynamic group of very intelligent professionals who challenge me every day. I appreciate BlueGranite for allowing me to grow and continuously learn. Most importantly, I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities to deliver value to our clients every day.

Kate Blaylock, Senior ConsultantKateBlaylock_circle
As a relative-newcomer to BlueGranite, I am particularly grateful for the camaraderie I experienced during my onboarding, the kindness and patience demonstrated by team members who brought me up to speed on the specifics of my client project, and the transparency and trust with which leadership communicates with the BlueGranite team. The diversity of experience, perspectives, and strengths across the company make learning new things opportune and enable new hires to rapidly feel like part of the team.


Michael Morris, Solution Consultant
As much as 2020 has been a difficult and troubling year for many people, I am thankful for the opportunities to help clients meet the challenges of this new world through better data architectures yielding better insights. Even though the circumstances are bad, we are fortunate to be able to create positive and helpful changes that serve more people and improve their daily lives. The technological maturity of the Microsoft Azure toolset we use is a huge advantage, so I am very glad this pandemic and political turmoil didn’t happen a decade or two ago when we were far less prepared to go remote and continue collaborating.


Jessie Blodgett, Digital Marketing Coordinator
In a year where many are struggling physically, financially, and emotionally, I am truly thankful to be blessed with my family’s health and with the opportunities that BlueGranite has provided me. I am honored to work with such reputable, knowledgeable, and yet down to earth individuals who project understanding, hope, and inspiration. I am so grateful at this time to be able to have confidence in the positivity of the future.

As we reflect on the hardships this year has brought, we are humbled at the realization that we at BlueGranite are most thankful for you; the sustained opportunity and support from our collaborators, clients, and affiliates helps us continue to flourish. We’re excited to discover what lies around the corner in the progressive world of big data and analytics. We’re just as excited to master those potential new advancements, while staying at the top of trusted current solutions.

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