BlueGranite was acquired by 3Cloud on August 15, 2022.

Business moves so ridiculously fast these days that sometimes it can be hard for your Business Intelligence team to keep up. Cloud-based tools and platforms evolve very quickly, with new features coming out at a blistering pace. How fast you react and take advantage of these new tools and technologies can be the difference between your business leading the pack or being left to play catch up.


Our Recurring Services Can Help!

BlueGranite’s Recurring Services team focuses on understanding your individual business needs, your current working environment, and your challenges and pain points, so when it’s time to leverage new, changing business scenarios, we’re already there, boots on the ground, ready to get started. Recurring services contracts are structured as “recurrent services,” meaning that we strive to become an ongoing and long-term team member that can help maintain and optimize your current data environment, while also nurturing your vision for the future to map out what’s on the horizon. In short, your success is our success, and we take ownership of ensuring that you have the right technology, the right processes, the right training, and the right tools to be successful using Microsoft Data Technologies.

Flying by the seat of your pants while putting out fires should not be the status quo. Our recurring services consultants can deliver expert guidance on how to improve performance, processes, and provide invaluable training as well. Our understanding of your business and its unique challenges helps us deliver the targeted expertise you need to be successful with all your modern analytics projects. Using our Catalyst framework, we can get your project up and running four times faster than the average solution adoption.

We’re Here for YOU!

Trying to tie a neat bow around what exactly our Recurring Services team does on a daily basis is challenging. At any given time, we may be helping troubleshoot current report problems, optimizing data models, creating new and enhanced reports, leading customers through hands-on training, or helping brainstorm what plans there are for the continuation of data modernization. We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors that our customers can turn to for reactive troubleshooting and for proactive guidance on how to adopt to a cloud-centric solution. Increasingly, we have been working with customers to help them move from being Excel-bound businesses and explore the immeasurable capabilities of Azure with Power BI to enable reporting, analytics, and even start discovering the benefits available from AI and ML enhancements.

More Information

If it sounds like your business could benefit from a Recurring Services trusted advisor relationship in order to reach your goals with your modern analytics initiatives, please let us know. Email James Mitterling today to learn more about how we can both succeed, together. BlueGranite offers a variety of resources to help you learn how you can leverage Modern Data Analytics. Visit our website to learn more, or contact us directly to see how we can help you explore your about modern data analytics options and accelerate your business value.