Do you want to learn Azure SQL Database Elasticity? In this recent webinar, 3Cloud Director of Consulting, Steve Hughes, explores the flexibility of Azure SQL Database and how it makes an even better target for solutions that could only be supported on premises.

Steve dives deep into Azure SQL Database Elasticity, covering:

  • Elastic Queries (still in preview)
    • These are similar to Polybase functionality found in SQL Server 2019 and Azure Synapse but only for use with Azure SQL Database and Azure Synapse.
    • Elastic Queries strategies like vertical partitioning, horizontal partitioning or Sharding and data virtualization.
    • Touches upon cost information.
  • Elastic Jobs
    • Provides a mechanism to support T-SQL scripts to be run across one or more databases in parallel, on demand or on a schedule.
    • Elastic Jobs can be created in the portal, with PowerShell, with REST, or SQL.
    • Elastic Job target groups (i.e. databases, servers, pools, and Shard Maps).
    • Jobs and job steps.
  • Elastic Transactions
    • Allows you to create cross database transactions in Azure SQL Database.
    • What transactions it supports and its limitations.

All these elasticity topics will also be demoed in this webinar. So, if you’d like to learn more about Azure SQL Database elasticity and how to use this flexibility in your solutions, this webinar is for you. You can watch the complete webinar below.

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