WEBINAR RECAP: “Azure Red Hat OpenShift Office Hours” was recently presented by 3Cloud App Innovation team members Tim McCarthy, Lead Solutions Architect and Jess Likens, Director of Solutions Architecture.

A full agenda with a live demo was followed up by a Q&A session. Highlights are below. Be sure to watch the video, linked at the end of this article, to hear all the important information that was shared.

What is Azure Red Hat OpenShift?

Azure Red Hat OpenShift is a fully managed and jointly supported offering by Microsoft Azure and Red Hat that combines the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform with the Azure infrastructure. It
provides a powerful and flexible platform for building, deploying, and managing containerized applications on Microsoft Azure, with the added benefits of Red Hat support and expertise.

Key Features and Benefits

Key advantages of Azure Red Hat OpenShift include: Kubernetes-based container orchestration, self-service provisioning, hybrid cloud support, integration with Azure services, fully managed service, enterprise-grade security, application portability and joint support from Red Hat and Microsoft.

Best Practices for Implementation

This webinar provided a deep dive into best practices for implementation including: planing for scale, using containers effectively, leveraging Kubernetes features (automatic health checks, rolling deployments, self-healing), using DevOps best practices, optimizing for Hybrid Cloud, implementing security best practices, and leveraging Azure services (Azure Monitor, Azure DevOps, Azure Active Directory). Check out the video for full details.

Watch the webinar: Azure Red Hat OpenShift Office Hours

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