In today’s post I’d like to talk about the Azure Portal Mobile App. For many of us, our work schedule is on the go and our mobile is like our second office. With that in mind, Microsoft has provided the Azure Portal Mobile App for use on IOS and Android.

If you’re familiar with Azure and the Azure Portal, this app allows you to monitor your Azure resources, as well management of some of those resources, as you would in the portal.

Some examples of things you can look at and monitor with the Azure Portal Mobile App:

  • Activity on your web app
  • Resource usage within your VM
  • SQL query execution activity – not the detail logs but activity in volume
  • Data Factory executions, successes and failures

You can also manage certain types of resources. Depending on the resource, you’ll have different management capabilities but with the app you can:

  • Restart or shut down VMs – let’s say you forgot to shut a VM down at the office, you can use the app to shut it down remotely.
  • Pause and resume Azure Analysis Service
  • Enable and disable Azure Logic Apps
  • Although you can’t natively create objects through the UI in the app, it does allow you to run PowerShell scripts.

With the Azure Portal Mobile App, you can’t do everything you can do from the portal, but it’s a handy tool that allows you to do some monitoring and resource management on the go. And for many, on the go is part of our work day.

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