A Data Governance Program is designed to prepare rules and regulations for an organization to handle any issues that may come up regarding data. A Data Governance Program also ensures compliance to policies and provides a guide to some of the most important data questions:

  • What data do we have?
  • Where did this data come from?
  • How is this data used?
  • Who is responsible for this data?
  • Can we trust this data?

3Cloud’s Data Governance methodology establishes five proven competencies that are the backbone of our framework. These competencies, broken down into key markers, allow for streamlined assessment and manageable implementation.

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Data maturity assessments help organizations understand their data capabilities, identify vulnerabilities, and know in which areas employees need to be trained for improvement. The following audit template is intended to help you determine where your Data Governance Program currently sits in terms of maturity.

Data Governance Maturity Assessment

On a scale from 1 to 3, rate the following Data Governance competencies in your organization; where:

1 = Planning phase

2 = Executing phase

3 = Delivering phase

Competency Description Self-Score Scale
Data Privacy The practice of ensuring appropriate controls around data to ensure only a minimally acceptable amount of risk, while fully leveraging it for business needs.​ 1 – 3
Data Quality The management of data as an asset with attributes that degrade and require maintenance, e.g., completeness, accuracy, consistency.​ 1 – 3
Metadata Management The set of documentation, policies, standards, functions, processes, procedures, and tools utilized and adhered to that form the behavioral model through which the administration and management of an organization’s metadata resources can take place. 1 – 3
Information Architecture Type of data, information, content collected, how it is used, stored, managed, and integrated within an organization. This includes the policies, standards, functions, methods, processes, procedures, tools, and models that govern and define the data.​ 1 – 3


Now, on a scale from 1 to 5, rate the Data Governance Program management in your organizations; where:

1 = Undisciplined

2 = Emerging

3 = Sponsored

4 = Enforced

5 = Shared Accountability

Competency Description Self-Score Scale
Program Management The organizing of resources and employees to achieve organizational goals through planned work, processes, and policies. ​ 1 – 5


Your result: The higher the overall score, the higher the maturity level of your Data Governance Program.

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