WEBINAR RECAP: “Advancing Medical Research with Cloud Technology” covered our customer’s full engagement process when implementing Power Apps on Azure. From defining immediate business goals, to navigating the delivery phase, to planning for the future, 3Cloud provided expert guidance every step of the way.

We were excited to welcome our customer, Dr. Nat Moorman, PhD, Associate Professor at UNC and Founding Member of READDI. Dr. Moorman shared the important work performed by READDI, a global non-profit initiative that brings together leaders from industry, government, philanthropic organizations, and academic research facilities to coordinate and implement work to find antiviral drugs for pandemic viruses. READDI stands for Rapidly Emerging Antiviral Drug Discovery Initiative.

Dr. Denis Rudd, Enterprise Sales Director at 3Cloud led the discussion on the technical challenges faced by READDI. READDI works with a decentralized global network of individuals and needed a solution to create efficiency and a clean workflow to not only improve productivity, but also to prevent overlap and redundancy. Their legacy software solution was not customizable and lacked an easy-to-use interface. READDI required a digital solution to manage and align the work from the various organizations and groups in one space.

Evan Parana, Consulting Manager at 3Cloud shared the project timeline and implementation process along with the solution architecture and security structure so essential for medical research. The solution components included an AAD secured Model Driven Application, Azure DevOps Boards, Power Automate, and a Dataverse to Azure Synapse link.

Chris Johnson, Practice Director at 3Cloud described how 3Cloud helped prepare READDI for future endeavors. In addition to implementing Power Apps, 3Cloud synchronized Microsoft Dataverse with Synapse Workspace to lay the groundwork for READDI to become a Research as a Service (RaaS) facility to enable high performance analysis and begin looking into adding AI and machine learning capabilities.

To wrap up the presentation, Dr. Moorman and Dr. Rudd discussed the impact of this engagement on READDI. By partnering with 3Cloud, READDI now has a solution for full visibility into what’s happening across the entire organization, capturing an overarching program and organization level view, with the capability to drill down into specific programs and projects, then all the way down into specific groups.

We look forward to working with READDI again on Phase II.

Watch the webinar: Advancing Medical Research with Cloud Technology.

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