A national airport offsite parking company was outgrowing their build and deploy process. Deploying software to each location manually was proving costly and time consuming. Each deployment was taking over 40 hours to configure and deploy, followed by 20+ hours of follow-on work. They needed a new solution that would supplant the capabilities of their existing solution as well as scale with the expected growth of the organization, while still providing detailed information about the success or failure of deployments to every location.


3Cloud (formerly Polaris) worked with key stakeholders to identify the problem, determine the capabilities required from the build and deploy tooling as well as the reporting granularity that was necessary. Based on the familiarity and robustness of the existing build tool, it was decided that this tool would continue to work, with a few configuration changes and enhancements. The deployment tool was replaced with Octopus, an industry leading automation platform that provided the deployment metrics, granularity of control, multi-tenant abilities, and scalability that was needed. The new solution greatly reduced the time and cost of each deployment while increasing the success rate of all builds and deployments.


With the implementation of Octopus to manage deployments, the organization saved an estimated 85% annually on deployments, and as much as 80% on configuration and maintenance of the deployment process. Configuration time required by the teams to perform a deployment decreased by over 95%, and drove more consistency in implementations. Configuration of each new facility for deployments reduced by over 90%, an estimated annual savings of nearly $80,000 per facility generating an ROI of 530%. Instead of taking days to deploy code, or implement a new facility, this new process takes minutes, allowing them to deploy more often and stand up new facilities more quickly.