After it acquired Datazen, Microsoft opened up a new frontier in mobile BI for its customers and partners. While some of our team members at 3Cloud had prior exposure to Datazen, the announcement Microsoft was adding another tool to its business intelligence portfolio took everyone by surprise. As a result, many of us have been delving into the product trying to learn it inside and out. While having access to something new offers exciting learning opportunities, it can also come with challenges. Here are five resources for learning more about Datazen.

My former colleague Hope Foley blogged about a particular problem she faced and overcame as she was working with geospatial data in Datazen. You can read about her story here: DataZen Map Not Working? May Never Guess Why  Never one to turn down an opportunity to work with maps, Hope highlights how sometimes the smallest details cannot be taken for granted.

In addition, for a detailed view on where Datazen fits with other Microsoft tools, Meagan Longoria recently posted What’s the Deal with Datazen? on her blog. She outlines some of the product’s key features and provides valuable commentary.

And the 3Cloud team put together this series of posts:

In order to illustrate some of its capabilities, Datazen Publisher includes demo dashboards and is available for free on the Windows Store. You can also create your own dashboards using samples or by incorporating your data.


If you would like see firsthand some of the product’s other capabilities, or if you would like to know more about how Datazen may fit into your mobile strategy, contact 3Cloud with questions.