CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES — October 2022 — 3Cloud, Microsoft’s largest and most awarded pureplay Azure services firm in the U.S., and Tegria, a leading healthcare technology and services company, are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership. Tegria will leverage its experience with electronic health record (EHR) systems to reduce the complexity of infrastructure management while providing clients with a secure, scalable, agile and high-performing solution on Azure. 3Cloud will bring its data and analytics expertise to help clients advance their AI and Machine Learning capabilities. Working together, the companies will make it easier for healthcare providers and payers to adopt and integrate technology which will help create better experiences for consumers and the healthcare workforce. 

“3Cloud’s partnership with Tegria complements our combined ability to empower our healthcare and life sciences clients to discover the advantages of migrating to Azure and how it can improve their EHR capabilities,” said Jim Dietrich, President and Co-Founder of 3Cloud. “Together we will fuel our clients’ cloud journey to intelligent healthcare experiences and support their deployment plans.” 

“Our new partnership with 3Cloud reinforces our commitment to enabling healthcare providers and payers to maximize their investments in core EHR platforms, said Chad Skidmore, Tegria Vice President, Hosting and Infrastructure. “Organizations that establish cloud-native infrastructure and supportive processes will not only be able to gain insights from their data to better serve their patients and staff, but also usher in an entirely new set of tools that disrupts product and solution development across the entire industry.” 

“We’ve seen an acceleration in the transformation of healthcare organizations over the past 5 years.  With more than 250 million patients having an EHR, creating a connect care system is more important than ever.  The partnership between 3Cloud and Tegria utilizes the strength of Microsoft Cloud to help healthcare organizations realize the vision of connected care.” said Tyler Bryson, CVP, Global Partner Solutions, US and Health & Public Sector Industries, US. 

About 3Cloud
As a top Microsoft services partner focused 100% on the Azure platform, 3Cloud helps clients build, migrate, modernize and manage their applications, infrastructure, data and analytics in the cloud. Founded by Mike Rocco and Jim Dietrich who served over 15 years together at Microsoft, 3Cloud combines a team of highly experienced cloud architects and technologists with a strong network of Microsoft sales and engineering relationships to deliver the ultimate Azure experience for clients. 3Cloud is headquartered in Chicago and serves clients throughout the U.S. To learn more, visit 

About Tegria
Tegria provides consulting and technology services to help organizations of all sizes humanize each healthcare experience. Founded by Providence, with teams throughout the United States and internationally, Tegria is comprised of more than 3,500 colleagues who help their customers integrate technology, transform operations, accelerate revenue and optimize care. To learn more, visit