Partnership combines deep expertise and experience to help migrate, manage and leverage powerful data insights and artificial intelligence technologies for customers on Microsoft Azure.

WESTCHESTER, Ill. — Jan. 9, 2024 — 3Cloud, the largest and most-awarded pureplay Microsoft Azure services firm in the U.S., is officially forming a dedicated strategic partnership with Protera, a recognized authority in modernizing and managing SAP on hyperscale cloud, the companies announced today. The relationship is built to empower digital transformation and innovation for enterprises undergoing their journey to the cloud — and designed to accelerate time to value at every stage of the process.

Protera will leverage 25 years of SAP management experience as well as a deep engineering relationship with Microsoft to modernize, optimize and scale applications securely on Microsoft Azure; 3Cloud will build on this, capitalizing on its expertise in data and analytics to help clients advance their artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities. Together, the companies will not only make innovation easier, faster and more effective but turn adaptability and resiliency into defining attributes of customers’ modernization roadmaps that shape business processes going forward.

“Our strategic alliance with 3Cloud further strengthens our 25-year commitment to comprehensive managed services for businesses that rely on SAP as their mission-critical application, even as technology continues to change and evolve,” said Mike BeDell, CEO of Protera. “Together, this partnership will make it easier for enterprises to shape well-governed, highly scalable, AI-enabled business environments on Microsoft Azure — driven by the power of data insights and cutting-edge software solutions.”

The collaboration between 3Cloud and Protera will be guided by several key tenets, with a focus on unlocking the potential of an intelligent, frictionless enterprise:

  • Secure, agile and governed SAP: Comprehensive managed services to allow the business to offload critical tasks of infrastructure operations, OS and ERP management while embracing innovative native cloud capabilities
  • Modernized operations: Skill and expertise to reduce the evolving complexity of modern technologies and tactics for day-to-day IT operations teams
  • Data-Driven: Data from every source to enabled simple transformation into real-time, actionable insights
  • AI-powered: ML and AI to enhance every experience and business decision
  • Customer-centric: Customer insights to feed operational improvements in a virtuous closed loop
  • Boundary-free: Ending siloes to create limitless reach and maximal organizational potential

“3Cloud’s partnership with Protera is a strategic move towards empowering our clients in their digital transformation journey,” said Jim Dietrich, President and Co-Founder of 3Cloud. “By integrating our deep expertise in data and analytics with Protera’s robust SAP management capabilities, we are setting a new standard for AI and ML innovation on Microsoft Azure. This partnership is not just about enhancing current technologies, it is about co-creating a future where data-driven decisions and intelligent automation become the foundation of enterprise strategy.”

Looking ahead, the collaboration between 3Cloud and Protera is set to explore new frontiers in cloud technology. As this partnership evolves, it will push the boundaries of what’s possible, continuously delivering solutions that meet the current demands of enterprises and proactively anticipate and shape future trends.

About Protera Technologies

For 25 years, our mission has been to empower enterprises to achieve their modernization objectives with improved value, increased quality and reduced risk. As the next-generation cloud modernization company, Protera’s full suite of services range from IT strategy and design to implementation and management. Protera is a global SAP partner certified in Hosting, Cloud, Application Management, Global Outsourcing, and SAP HANA Operations Services. Visit for more information, or call (877) 707-7683.

About 3Cloud

3Cloud was named Microsoft’s U.S. Partner of the Year for 2023. As the top Microsoft services partner focused 100% on the Azure platform, 3Cloud helps clients build, migrate, modernize and manage their applications, infrastructure, data and analytics in the cloud. 3Cloud combines a team of highly experienced cloud architects and technologists with a strong network of Microsoft sales and engineering relationships to deliver the ultimate Azure experience for clients.