3Cloud and Armor Collaborate to Offer an Integrated IT Journey to Public Cloud, Delivering Comprehensive Outcomes for Businesses

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES — August 2023.  In a strategic move to revolutionize the way businesses embrace the Microsoft cloud ecosystem, 3Cloud and Armor are proud to announce their dynamic partnership. Recognizing the unparalleled value of their unique services, the two industry leaders are teaming up to offer their joint customers the ultimate Azure experience.

Unlocking the True Potential of Microsoft’s Cloud Ecosystem

The amalgamation of 3Cloud’s Managed Services and Azure expertise with Armor’s cybersecurity prowess promises to be a game-changer for enterprises seeking an end-to-end IT journey to the public cloud. By combining their strengths, 3Cloud and Armor ensure that their customers extract maximum benefits and value from the Microsoft value proposition. Moreover, the collaboration guarantees that business outcomes, with a keen focus on risk mitigation, remain at the forefront.

Empowering Global Banking Institutions with Holistic Security Outcomes

The united front of 3Cloud and Armor has already made significant strides in providing holistic security outcomes to one of the largest global banking institutions. This particular institution, encompassing a renowned travel group, faced challenges in migrating and securing critical applications to the public cloud while safeguarding brand reputation and customer trust.

With the 3Cloud-Armor alliance, the banking institution found a comprehensive solution that addressed their needs. Leveraging 3Cloud’s Managed Services and Azure expertise alongside Armor’s robust cybersecurity defenses, the institution now enjoys an unmatched level of protection. As a result, they confidently transition into the future, aligning their business with industry-leading standards set by a well-known global banking brand.

Collaboration for a Secure Future

The partnership between 3Cloud and Armor signifies a bold step towards a more secure and successful future for businesses embracing the Microsoft cloud ecosystem. By combining their expertise, the two industry leaders promise to revolutionize IT journeys to the public cloud, empowering enterprises to thrive in the digital era.

About 3Cloud
3Cloud was named Microsoft’s US Partner of the Year for 2023. As the top Microsoft services partner focused 100% on the Azure platform, 3Cloud helps clients build, migrate, modernize and manage their applications, infrastructure, data and analytics in the cloud. 3Cloud combines a team of highly experienced cloud architects and technologists with a strong network of Microsoft sales and engineering relationships to deliver the ultimate Azure experience for clients.

About Armor
Armor, is a global leader in cloud-native managed detection and response. As a trusted partner to more than 1,500 firms in over 40 countries, Armor offers cybersecurity and compliance consulting, professional services, and managed services. Armor safeguards endpoint, network, server, and cloud environments against malicious threats seeking to infiltrate and disrupt businesses, while providing unparalleled insight into security risks your customers may face.