Matt Morse is Chief Operating Officer (COO) for 3Cloud, responsible for services strategy and delivery. Matt has more than 20 years of experience leading software development, infrastructure, and project management teams.

Matt is an advocate for practical, creative, and aggressive business action involving technology, believing in tech’s ability to transform customer relationships, increase operational efficiency, and reveal new insights into the market. This passion is the root of his interest in Microsoft Azure, as he believes that Azure provides a broad and deep application platform that allows organizations to simply do more.

Before joining 3Cloud, Matt was a General Manager of Cloud Solutions at Perficient, where he was responsible for strategy and operations for a national team of Microsoft-focused consultants. Matt joined Perficient through the acquisition of PointBridge, where he was a Practice Director for Microsoft’s application platform, and where he helped drive early market adoption of Microsoft’s Office 365 platform.

Prior to entering IT consulting, Matt led application development teams for a Fortune 1000 company, driving their transition to and internal adoption of Microsoft-based technologies, and leading their entrance into Internet commerce and use of agile development practices.

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