Dan Rodriguez is an accomplished marketing strategist and visionary leader with a proven track record in driving growth and profitability for consulting services firms. As the Chief Marketing Officer at 3Cloud, Dan brings a wealth of expertise in developing and executing strategic marketing initiatives that maximize brand awareness, generate qualified accounts, and optimize client acquisition and retention.

With 25 years of experience in the industry, Dan possesses a deep understanding of the consulting landscape and a keen ability to align marketing efforts with business objectives. Leveraging an analytical mindset and a client-centric approach, Dan has consistently delivered results by crafting and implementing integrated marketing strategies that enhance the firm’s competitive positioning as Microsoft’s leading Azure partner.

As the head of marketing, sales operations, and sales enablement, he is responsible for overseeing a dynamic team of professionals, ensuring alignment between marketing, sales, and operational functions. Through strategic collaboration and cross-functional leadership, Dan empowers the team to drive revenue growth, optimize sales processes, and enable sales teams to achieve their targets effectively.

Under Dan’s guidance, the marketing team at 3Cloud has achieved remarkable milestones, including successful product launches, a reimagined brand architecture,  impactful lead generation campaigns, and enhanced digital marketing initiatives. By leveraging data-driven insights, Dan has implemented robust marketing analytics frameworks, enabling the team to make informed decisions and optimize marketing investments.

Beyond marketing, Dan is deeply committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. By developing strategic partnerships and fostering strong relationships with Microsoft and our key stakeholders, Dan ensures that marketing efforts are aligned with the firm’s overall growth strategy, contributing to revenue generation and business expansion.

With a relentless passion for driving business success, Dan combines strategic thinking, operational excellence, and a deep understanding of client needs to position 3Cloud as the market leader in the Azure consulting services sector.

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