The Solution

3Cloud partnered with Tuff Shed to conduct a thorough analysis of their operations, with a primary focus on optimizing their purchase order workflow for increased efficiency. As a result, 3Cloud proposed innovative solutions to streamline internal processes, one of which was the development of an in-house data management application. This application empowers the marketing department to independently manage and update prices, price versions, and product options, reducing reliance on the IT department for customizations and data handling.

Furthermore, 3Cloud partnered with Tuff Shed for the creation of a responsive website tailored for mobile users, providing their marketing department with agility in adapting to evolving market dynamics. To facilitate seamless communication with Home Depot, we implemented a Java-based interface for automating purchase order imports. Additionally, we designed APIs to foster integration between internal and external third-party systems, bolstering the efficiency of both the website and backend systems.

The Results

Partnering with 3Cloud has transformed Tuff Shed’s B2B data integration capabilities, strengthening their bond with Home Depot and boosting revenue. Their new mobile-friendly website empowers the marketing team to update content independently, while APIs enable expansion to third-party solutions, including a new customer-facing, 3D shed modeling tool.

Automation eliminated manual tasks, allowing Tuff Shed to redeploy staff strategically. They are now transitioning to an enterprise-level architecture that will scale as the company grows. Through their partnership with 3Cloud, Tuff Shed is poised for a highly profitable year ahead.

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