The Solution

3Cloud conducted a series of discovery and architecture workshops across infrastructure, data and application workstreams to build a complete view of the current state and design a modern future state roadmap. Our team employed 3Cloud’s App Modernization and Application Innovation Roadmap engagements, focusing on key applications pivotal to the client’s operations. We partnered with the healthcare company to formulate a comprehensive data strategy and migration plan designed for a petabyte-scale data estate and the seamless transition of five applications from AWS to Azure. This migration aimed at platform relocation but also emphasized the integration of unified analytics through Azure Data Services.

As part of the modernization initiative, 3Cloud revamped the client’s applications to directly address core business challenges. We developed an Azure Landing Zone for Healthcare and a modern architecture leveraging Azure PaaS services, showcasing 3Cloud’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation in the healthcare domain.

The Results

Beyond moving from a competitive telemedicine platform, the company realized significant business value by migrating to Azure. The client’s partnership with 3Cloud enabled them to drive a sustained revenue growth of an impressive 85% year-over-year while simultaneously increasing patient visits by 38%. By adopting Azure Kubernetes Service with robust DevOps tooling, the client is enabled with accelerated telemedicine introduction and marketplace expansion. The organization can now adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape, ensuring that its telemedicine platform remains at the forefront of innovation. Additionally, they can better manage and reduce operational costs associated with their telemedicine platform. This dual commitment to both innovation and operational efficiency highlights the company’s dedication to providing accessible and high-quality telemedicine services while fostering a sustainable and resilient business model.

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