“Supply chain analytics has been one of the most challenging areas for us. The insights that we’ve gained from the Power BI solution are having a transformative effect on our core business.”

Todd Daniell, Director of Database Technologies & Application Development, Rooms to Go

The Solution

3Cloud leverages power bi to transform supply chain analytics for Rooms to go. 

Rooms to Go engaged with 3Cloud to develop and deploy a Data & Analytics solution leveraging Power BI. This solution allowed buyers to easily see and manipulate data so they could better manage their supply chain. In just six weeks, the customer had a sophisticated supply chain model that combined historic data with predictive analytics to quickly show users when and where inventory was going to exceed capacity or fall short. 3Cloud developed statistical models that predicted costed sales, purchase orders, and on-hand inventory that can be filtered by division, distribution center, product category, and time. 

The Results

Access to these predictive analytics gave Rooms to Go better insight into where inventory was headed, along with the ability to assess warehouse capacity requirements as the company grows. The new Power BI Data & Analytics platform quickly proved its value when one distribution center was about to exceed capacity. The company was able to take proactive measures to divert the crisis, ultimately saving them from potential losses. The efficiencies gained in supply chain management will reduce losses, cut expenses, and improve overall customer experience. Todd Daniell, Director of Database Technologies and Application Development at Rooms to Go stated, “Rooms to Go orders and warehouses a significant amount of product. If we can optimize our supply chain process to get even 3% of that back in efficiencies, that’s a significant savings. This new model helped us optimize the way we project, and now we’re reviewing the entire process to see what other efficiencies we can uncover.”

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