The Solution

3Cloud delivered a robust, governed and ad-hoc reporting capability by leveraging an Azure Modern Data Platform with Power BI, and set up the Azure environment to enable a smooth transition from on-premises databases. We showcased the capabilities of Power BI compared to Tableau, initially collaborating with one business group and moving to work with other business areas across the entire organization to help drive adoption. Our initial focus was on a Performance Dashboard (focus on efficiency), Rig Scorecard (for offshore rigs), and financial reporting.

Our team worked with the client to centralize their data and reporting using Power BI, creating models with standardized definitions to enhance governance and speed up the report development process. 3Cloud migrated legacy reporting solutions to more scalable, enterprise grade engineering processes in Azure and Power BI. In addition, we established a CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) environment, leveraging build and release pipelines through Azure DevOps. This not only facilitated faster and more consistent deployments but also contributed to improved report accuracy and compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) requirements.

The Results

By migrating this prominent oil and gas company to the combination of Azure and Power BI, we set up a transformative shift. The move enabled the client to eliminate expensive legacy systems such as Tableau and Compass ERP, allowing cost efficiency.

The implementation of centralized models within Power BI helped to address lingering data quality concerns. This not only ensured a foundation for data integrity but also laid the groundwork for improved decision-making capabilities and accelerated insights. A streamlined analytics process resulted in a substantial enhancement in the overall efficiency of the organization’s decision-making framework. The development of the Performance Dashboard and Rig Scorecard used by offshore drilling rigs allowed the company to reduce onshore maintenance resourcing needs by a staggering 70%.

Lastly, our engagement improved General Ledger (GL) reporting. By implementing optimized processes and leveraging the capabilities of Azure and Power BI, we successfully trimmed down the financial month-end close process from 10 days to a significantly more agile and responsive 5 days. This not only represents a quantitative improvement but also translates into a qualitative enhancement in the organization’s financial reporting accuracy and timeliness.

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