The Solution

The 3Cloud team collaborated with Moody Insurance to simplify and streamline their agents’ and brokers’ processes. We designed purpose-specific data entry screens, collecting demographic information, insurance carrier plan data, and pricing details.

Using cutting-edge Vue 3 and JavaScript for the frontend, coupled with .NET 6 on the backend and Microsoft SQL Server for data management, we created a powerful application. This application transforms insurance data into actionable insights, performing intricate calculations for critical information such as totals and year-to-year percentage changes.

The proposal generation screen developed by 3Cloud features a complex graphical user interface. Agents and brokers benefit from an intuitive platform, allowing them to drag and drop insurance quotes onto a dynamic preview of the proposal for real-time customization.

Once satisfied, a single click seamlessly converts the content from an HTML page into a Word document. This streamlined process empowers agents and brokers to swiftly create professional proposals for distribution to their valued customers.

The Results

The innovative proposal generator created by 3Cloud for Moody Insurance has significantly improved the efficiency of crafting tailored proposals for agents and brokers. The time required for this process has been dramatically reduced compared to the previous method.

When clients request modifications or explore alternative options, the response is nearly instantaneous, as agents can effortlessly generate new proposals to meet evolving needs. This transformative tool has had a multifaceted impact on the business. Agents at Moody Insurance can now dedicate more valuable time to advising and servicing their clients, while brokers benefit from increased capacity to focus on sales, ultimately driving revenue growth


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