The Solution

3CLOUD SUPPORTS CLIENT’S Initiatives With a Unified Azure Data Platform and Power BI.

3Cloud engaged with Principal to build a modern cloud-based data platform in Azure, integrating on-premises data and using Azure Synapse SQL Pool and Power BI Premium to certify reusable datasets. The unified data platform built with Azure Data Services provided the scale and performance necessary to deliver business analytics quickly and accurately. Azure SQL DW and Databricks are now used to build attrition models for addressing customer churn, along with models that identify agency fraud. A Power BI implementation effort was run in parallel. 3Cloud proved that a well-designed semantic layer, built with the highest level of grain at its core, will answer questions and also serve as a foundation for continuous data exploration and informed decision making.

The Results

The business is now empowered with faster, better analytics. The Azure-based solution provides scale, performance and accuracy. 3Cloud reduced operational expenses for Principal Mexico by eliminating QlikView licensing costs, the ability to turn off compute when they are not using it, and quicker time to value for developers. For the Hong Kong subsidiary, data warehouse design sessions and Power BI served as a catalyst to promote communication within different units, plus data ownership, validation and governance efforts were advanced forward. In addition, savings was realized by reducing manual effort to provide reports and analytics, identifying and preventing fraudulent activity and avoiding costly fines and penalties. Revenue increase will occur by adding new customers, retaining high value customers, and providing the best action to increase total customer value.

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