The Solution

The migration effort for Payflex, Millennium Trust’s recent acquisition, involved the seamless transfer of both Production (Prod) and Non-Production (Non-Prod) workloads to the Azure cloud platform. This comprehensive migration strategy not only focused on workload transition but also prioritized enabling Disaster Recovery to ensure the resilience of critical systems. Additionally, 3Cloud undertook a reconstruction of the company’s Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) environment, optimizing it for enhanced scalability to accommodate future acquisitions.

To sustain the performance and reliability of the Azure environment, a dedicated 3Cloud Managed Services team has been established. This team is responsible for providing ongoing support for the platform and managing the operation of over 400 virtual machines (VMs). This integrated approach not only ensures a smooth transition to Azure but also lays the foundation for a robust, scalable, and well-supported infrastructure that can meet the evolving needs of Millennium Trust and its expanding portfolio.

The Results

The successful integration of Millennium Trust’s recent acquisition marked a significant milestone, highlighted by the migration of 280 virtual machines (VMs) from the on-premises environment. But more impactful, this strategic move yielded substantial cost savings, totaling $100,000 per month. The implementation of a new Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) environment, featuring six host pools and over 355 machines, played an important role in enhancing scalability and standardizing environments across the organization.

This initiative not only realized operational efficiencies but also contributed to an improved security posture, aligning with best practices in cloud infrastructure. With the support of 3Cloud Managed Services, 3Cloud’s integrated approach reflects a commitment to modernization, efficiency and security in managing Millennium Trust’s expanded IT landscape.

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