Improved client lead conversion


Revenue increase


Reduced standing inventory

The Solution

3Cloud developed a digital transformation roadmap for lennar. 

3Cloud engaged with Lennar to develop a digital transformation roadmap including self-service implementation with Power BI. Our team implemented and migrated the client to an enterprise data warehouse in Azure and extracted data into a data lake for data scientist exploration. We also developed a federated data governance framework across divisions and assessed long-standing data quality issues. These issues were prioritized and awareness was raised across source systems’ technology and business stakeholders. In addition, we developed multiple Power BI reports with a focus on revenue and GM, and transitioned Cognos reports while training their team to support users. 

The Results

The impact of 3Cloud’s solution on the organization was substantial. Power BI enabled business users to self-serve with a simple tool and saved $350K in licensing costs and $300K in IT support costs. In addition, a data quality working group was established, and a federated data governance plan was put in place across divisions. Most impactful was the implementation of the enterprise data warehouse, Azure SQL DW, and Power BI allowed Lennar to see a $92M revenue increase in 2 years, as well as reduced standing home inventory by 17% and improved client lead conversion by 18%.

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