3Cloud worked with the client to meet a stringent deployment timeline in a cost-effective way

3Cloud engaged with the client to accelerate their journey to the cloud. The client had a strict timeline and wanted a solution delivered that was cost-effective and met rigorous security requirements, with improved cloud security and data protection protocols. The 3Cloud team worked in tandem with the client to determine the best, most effective approach.

We created a strong, safe foundation with an Azure Landing Zone and performed mock migrations to ensure a successful data center migration and deployment with no down time. Our solution had strict time to execution requirements and our team met those with ease.

The Results

Through 3Cloud’s initiatives and successful migration of the client from on-prem to Azure, this real estate firm gained the improved performance and enhanced customer experiences they desired. By moving the business to the cloud, we met the client’s need for improved efficiency, reliability and security, as well as with scalability to meet upticks in market demand.

Our solution supports all of the business’s critical security needs, including enhanced disaster recovery which minimizes disruption and provides for faster recovery in the event of a disaster. Most importantly, the customer saved $1 million per year, along with 24/7/365 guaranteed uptime. This move to Azure gave them the ability to improve customer experiences and increase client satisfaction.

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