The Solution

3Cloud successfully transformed the client’s payor system into a reliable, scalable, secure and cost-effective solution on Azure. Drawing on our healthcare expertise and innovative frameworks, we identified goals, resolved issues and set success metrics. The new Azure-native system seamlessly integrated Microsoft technologies, such as Azure DevOps, Azure Functions, App Services, Azure Kubernetes Service, Service Bus, CosmosDB, Okta, Redis for caching, and Blazor for the front end. For regulatory compliance, we incorporated Azure’s FHIR-based Healthcare Services APIs.

Our approach included developing and deploying the system using Microsoft CAF-based infrastructure for dev, test and production environments, built using Terraform. Through automated versioned Infrastructure as Code (IaC) scripts in Azure DevOps, we empowered development and QA teams to swiftly implement changes. To ensure performance and meet SLAs, we implemented monitoring tools with App Insights and error handling, backed by established processes for efficient remediation. This comprehensive transformation underscores 3Cloud’s commitment to delivering cutting edge solutions in healthcare technology.

The Results

After successfully developing and deploying the new Azure cloud-native application, the client experienced substantial operational cost reductions, increased market agility and enhanced overall availability and resilience. The healthcare organization enjoyed reduced system latency and improved scalability, processing 5 million messages per day compared to the previous 2 million. Annual operational costs were cut by $1 million through discontinuing the previous third-party solution and related services. The new payor system heightened security through a zero-trust architecture, eliminating the need to transfer patient and payor information between external systems. Flexibility increased with improved system integration into other healthcare systems through the adoption of a FHIR-based payor system, promoting automation and reducing errors. Equipped with a modern cloud platform architecture and Azure-based development processes, the client is now well-prepared to support its enterprise applications and provide optimal healthcare, backed by a skilled staff familiar with the technology, as well as continue to provide the best healthcare possible to their patients.

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