The Solution

3CLOUD Partnered with Microsoft to Design & Build an Azure-Based IoT Analytics Solution with Power BI Reporting.

Our engagement began with discovery workshops to assess current state and to determine goals for a future-state solution. The platform provided a series of advanced IoT and GPS data calculations with results presented in Power BI with analytics required to evaluate real-time performance. 3Cloud also engaged in a Modern Business Intelligence Jumpstart to design/build the analytics reporting solution in Power BI. 3Cloud’s Azure solution also integrated the company’s plant mapping data to provide real-time views of worker locations within their plants, which enabled the client with significant new capabilities impacting worker safety. In the event of an accident or catastrophic failure, first responders can pinpoint the position of each worker for rescue and/or support. In addition, the solution incorporated notification and alert capabilities to ensure that admins and users were made aware of any failures of the system or data pipeline. With 3Cloud’s Managed Data engagement, we enhanced user experience of searching and updating Turnaround and Beacon information through the creation of a Power App solution to increase visibility of database information.

The Results

3Cloud’s next-gen Azure-based IoT and Power BI analytics and reporting solution delivered enormous business value and impact. The client achieved $78M in annual savings via improvements to turnaround operational maintenance cycles. Improved visibility in overall contractor performance against project plans and contracts allowed the company to better scrutinize contractors and optimally select those that provide the greatest value. Increased uptime, reliability, and processing speed reduced data processing and analytics reporting time from 10+ minutes using the legacy Tableau-based solution, down to milliseconds with Azure and Power BI. In addition, worker safety was greatly increased across all manufacturing plants and represented another $10M in annual savings with the ability to actively track locations within plants and report accidents or events

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