The Solution

Microsoft enlisted 3Cloud for our AI expertise and efficiency in meeting tight deadlines. The engagement began with a 2-week POC, demonstrating the effectiveness of an AI solution. Following the successful POC, 3Cloud developed a Generative AI solution integrating Azure Cognitive Services and Synapse pipelines. This solution employs natural language to answer 5 questions, utilizing Large Language Models and a ‘ghostwriter’ to provide consistent outputs stored in the client’s data lake. The combined effort of 3Cloud’s AI and App Dev Solution Areas utilizes various Azure services, including Data Services, Voice to Text, Forms Recognizer, Databricks, Data Lake, and Power Apps. This AI use case establishes a repeatable pattern applicable not only within the large accounting organization, but across diverse industries and use cases.

The Results

Partnering with 3Cloud empowered the client with Generative AI and LLMs, resulting in an impressive 89,000 staff bandwidth reduction in task completion per year. A sales brief that previously took 2–4 hours to complete is now accomplished in just 4–7 minutes. This AI use case sets a precedent for broader application within the client’s extensive organization, showcasing how AI can transform various industries and use cases.

The current phase involves deploying this AI solution to 40,000 salespeople across the organization. Additionally, 3Cloud is developing a Power App for internal users, allowing them to create client, project, assessments, and question lists. This includes a portal module for external users to complete assessments and receive status updates from the client dashboard.

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