The Solution

3Cloud engaged with client to replace legacy on-prem environment with Azure and enable single sign-on

3Cloud provided the client with a current environment health assessment which included health checks and report cards to assess their security and compliance with government regulations. We also executed a Proof of Concept (PoC) to develop and test a single sign-on environment in the cloud and to replace their on-prem legacy environment, and more importantly, to modernize their current systems.

Our team built an Azure Landing Zone as a safe and secure foundation for successful cloud migration with minimal disruption. The solution we provided allowed the single sign-on experience the client desired in order to remain competitive and support customer satisfaction.

The Results

By replacing our client’s on-prem environment with a cloud solution, 3Cloud was able to modernize the company’s systems and solve their challenges. The Azure technology system enables automation and secure entry, as well as performance monitoring.

Gaining scalability and agility means this insurance company can easily and seamlessly scale to meet customers’ demands and keep up with constant change. They can also support critical security needs.

Most importantly, their modernized Azure systems allow customers a single sign-on experience that increases customer satisfaction and allows the business to remain competitive.

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