The Solution

3CLOUd Reviews Honey Baked Ham’s E-Commerce Application for Configuration and Architecture.

3Cloud began with a Well-Architected Review of Honey Baked Ham’s E-commerce application’s configuration and architecture, so they could gain confidence in the security, scalability and performance of the app. The readout provided observations and recommendations based on the five pillars of Microsoft’s Well-Architected Framework. Based on our review, Honey Baked Ham engaged with 3Cloud to automate the deployment of their E-commerce web app using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and deployment pipelines. Our team developed IaC for three app environments and created automated DevOps deployment pipelines.

The Results

The modernized environment that 3Cloud created for Honey Baked Ham increased the security and scalability of applications. The automated deployment pipelines we developed with Infrastructure as Code and DevOps allow changes to the web infrastructure to occur in a repeatable, process-driven and automated manner. Most impactful to the company, is the enhanced scalability and increased performance of their E-commerce app empowers them with the ability to keep up with seasonal retail surges and handle growing customer demands. In addition, Honey Baked Ham has piece of mind with robust security in place to protect sensitive information.

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