The Solution

The client’s journey with 3Cloud began at a Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) engagement, a collaborative effort that provides access to Microsoft’s innovative technologies and 3Cloud’s expertise to envision and plan solutions. Choosing 3Cloud, the organization aimed to achieve data and analytics goals, leading to the development of a robust Data Platform in Azure.

Initially, 3Cloud focused on developing a data platform and establishing data pipelines, plus providing Managed Services for ongoing updates and maintenance of Power BI dashboards. These dashboards catered to various organizational levels, promoting automation for reporting and utilizing the Enterprise Data Warehouse for enhanced data manipulation.

The ongoing partnership, spanning over 5 years, is set to address challenges and assist the organization in reaching its goals. The upcoming phase involves implementing a robust data governance program using native Azure tools, deploying Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to support multiple environments, and creating a Data Marketplace integrated with Azure Purview. This marketplace will facilitate data requests and enable users to ‘shop for data’, while automation will streamline account provisioning and security controls.

3Cloud’s team will expand on a repeatable framework, employing 3Cloud Data Hydrator to populate the Enterprise Data Platform and creating an Enterprise Data Model with re-usable data mart/data products. Ensuring compliance with HIPAA/HITRUST, the solution architecture will prioritize security throughout.

The Results

The health network’s partnership with 3Cloud to build an Enterprise Data Platform as well as the data and analytics initiatives have significant business impacts. The operational efficiencies gained by reducing manual data ingestion and data manipulation will create a ‘single source of truth’ for their data warehouse and be the backbone of the analytics throughout the organization. The Power BI reports and dashboards that 3Cloud developed for the executive teams enables them with a clear insight of the state of the business, guiding decisions related to improvement areas, staffing, and hospital operations, among others. Enhanced analytics capabilities will empower the organization to make informed business decisions that will pave the way to achieve their ‘Ten by Thirty’ goal.

3Cloud’s long-term partnership will transform the client’s business as we incrementally build the foundational components to modernize their data platforms. And more importantly, we are bringing the network’s business users along as we go, empowering them for the future.

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