The Solution

3Cloud conducted a comprehensive audit of all of Frontier GeoTek’s existing applications and resources to find opportunities for cost optimization and enhancing resilience. Our team collaborated closely with FGI to embark on a gradual journey of transitioning legacy PHP/jQuery functionality to the cutting-edge technologies of C# .NET Core and Vue.js.

Furthermore, 3Cloud orchestrated the seamless migration of these applications from their previous local hosting environments to a robust Azure platform. We augmented this migration with the integration of automated build and deployment processes, reinforced by rigorous automated testing through CI/CD pipelines.

Throughout this transformative journey, 3Cloud adhered to Agile methodologies, empowering FGI with the ability to accurately estimate project timelines and consistently meet deadlines across all our collaborative projects.

The Results

By partnering with 3Cloud, FGI not only fulfilled their existing commitments but also embarked on new development ventures. This partnership has ushered in a new era of precision, offering FGI a heightened ability to accurately forecast and adhere to development project timelines.

The development process to modernize existing applications on Azure underpinned by modern technology, has brought about enhanced project visibility. It allows FGI to clearly gauge both the current and future status of their projects. With the seamless integration of automated testing through CI/CD pipelines, FGI has gained confidence and reliability in their deployment procedures.

FGI’s dedicated support teams have witnessed a remarkable reduction in support incidents, leading to a more streamlined and efficient operational environment. Notably, the migration from localized hosting to the Azure platform has resulted in substantial hosting cost reductions of approximately 30%. Moreover, the adoption of Azure’s advanced features and multi-region deployment has strengthened the redundancy and durability of FGI’s applications, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.


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