The Solution

As part of their digital transformation journey, the company collaborated with 3Cloud to establish a modern data estate and create Power BI reports. We addressed diverse reporting needs across Global & Corporate Sales, Finance & Cost Accounting, Quality, and Supply Chain, including C-level business reports. The actionable reports provided valuable insights, prompting strategic thinking on leveraging data for a more data-driven approach.

3Cloud conducted user training in the US, UK, and Australia, developing unique Power BI datasets and reports for Material Usage Variance, Financial P&L, Global & Corporate Sales, Consumer Quality Complaints, and Order Fill Rate. We also implemented a Master Data Management (MDM) plan for accessible and reliable data, ensuring a single source of truth with advanced data quality outcomes.

As part of the company’s modernization initiative, 3Cloud played a significant role in overseeing data integration efforts, ensuring coordination and adherence to best practices. Our ongoing partnership involves expanding the modern data estate, designing, building, and ingesting data, and creating Power BI reports and dashboards for Marketing, Master Data Management, and B2B to support analytical objectives.

The Results

In a two-year collaboration, our partnership with this consumer goods client has yielded significant benefits across analytics and BI initiatives. 3Cloud’s holistic approach involving people, processes, and technology enhancements has positively impacted the company’s bottom line. We’ve developed numerous dashboards and reports, enhancing visibility and responsiveness in areas such as global sales, consumer quality, order fill rates, inventory, and manufacturing.

Notably, our involvement in Data Governance, including piloting Azure Purview, has provided data lineage capabilities and facilitated the creation of over 83 data domains with Master Data Management. This has ensured trustworthy and dependable data, further supported by the adoption of a business glossary for governance initiatives.

Collaborating in the planning and deployment of a Center of Excellence for data and analytics, 3Cloud has contributed to setting up a charter, cadence, and impact vs. effort analysis to quantify business priorities. We’ve also assisted in developing a data and analytics roadmap with prioritized use cases, reinforcing alignment between business and IT for active business involvement.

Our services span technical, business process, and adoption/change management, enabling the business to scale agile for increased efficiency and faster technology decision-making and execution. Additionally, 3Cloud facilitated the streamlining of a recent acquisition by ingesting and processing data, producing key reports and insights to measure the effectiveness of their Go-To-Market activities.

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