I highly recommend 3Cloud for their work in leveraging generative AI to create marketing-friendly product descriptions for Clover Environmental Solutions. 3Cloud worked closely with our internal IT team to make sure we understood the process, explained how we could maintain it going forward and leverage this technology for future projects. The quality of the content generated was very good and allowed for future variations based upon different parameters. This project resulted in increased customer engagement and higher conversion rates.

Tim Linsenmeyer, CTO, Clover Environmental Solutions

The Solution

Clover Engaged 3Cloud to help them leverage Azure OpenAI Service. 

Clover engaged 3Cloud to help them leverage OpenAI to drive the development of product descriptions, customizing them to specific audiences. 3Cloud built a custom platform that leverages Azure OpenAI Service and its related models for the product description use case, as well as potential additional future models/use cases. Power Apps was developed to interface with those models, making it simple for the Clover team to leverage.

3Cloud’s solution established Clover as a leader in OpenAI adoption, demonstrated through Microsoft/3Cloud driven communications & events. In addition, we developed the functionality to write enhanced product descriptions using OpenAI

The Results

3Cloud’s Azure OpenAI solution created for Clover has allowed the business to easily create intelligent product descriptions. Clover is now empowered to rapidly and efficiently create highly customized product descriptions that are personalized by channel, distributor, application and target audience, greatly improving marketing conversion and product application. This ability created with OpenAI will help Clover to drive more interest, opportunities and revenue while decreasing overhead costs for data management. 3Cloud’s OpenAI solution has resulted in increased customer engagement and higher conversion rates.


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