The Solution

Briotix partnered with 3Cloud to develop a secure ASP.NET Core application securely hosted on Azure, integrated with Azure Blob Storage and Azure Functions for seamless deployment. The portal received a modern user-friendly design, enhancing scheduling and screening processes. Power BI facilitated administrative reporting, granting stakeholders access to critical insights and enabling data-driven decisions.

In response to complex healthcare regulations, a single codebase efficiently served both Canadian and U.S. operations, and a custom scheduling solution with an intuitive calendar view simplified user experience. 3Cloud collaborated with Briotix to extract, transform and load data into SQL Server Analysis Services, creating interactive Power BI reports that exceeded expectations.

To solve Briotix’s data challenges, 3Cloud collaborated with an internal team to develop a comprehensive data solution, from data extraction to user-friendly reports. Briotix’s team processed the data into a SQL Server Analysis Services model, and 3Cloud created attractive, intuitive, interactive reports that could help inform decision making. These reports exceeded user expectations and demonstrated 3Cloud’s creativity and innovation. In addition, the 3Cloud team displayed exceptional agility in meeting evolving business needs, ensuring the reports remained up-to-date.

The Results

Since its 2020 launch, the portal has maintained zero unplanned downtime, with scheduled Windows releases being the only exceptions. 3Cloud established a reliable CI/CD pipeline for both US and Canada, ensuring standardized deployments. Power BI report automation was seamlessly integrated, addressing previous scheduling issues like double bookings and out-of-hours appointments.

The improved UI/UX simplifies client and staff onboarding, enhancing platform interaction. Utilizing Azure hosting led to a significant 65% reduction in monthly hosting costs. The implementation of Power BI reports empowers users and administrators with actionable insights from data, enabling more accurate employee testing for clients.

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