The Solution

3Cloud initially partnered with the insurance client to build a comprehensive data warehouse to consolidate disparate data sources and create a single source of truth. This engagement included identifying reporting requirements and constructing Power BI reports. Over the subsequent years, we enhanced the infrastructure, introducing new system types tailored for agency partners and expanding data models for Power BI.

In our most recent phase, 3Cloud executed the migration of the client’s on-premises data warehouse to an Azure Enterprise Data Warehouse. The solution developed throughout this long-term partnership is characterized by a repeatable framework to enable the swift integration of new systems. Data is now ingested multiple times a month through a streamlined business process, enhancing efficiency compared to traditional IT approaches.

The Results

Through our Data Warehouse Modernization solution, we achieved an impressive 75% reduction in the timeline for migrating the client’s large data warehouse to Azure, streamlining the process from two years to just six months. Leveraging Azure Databricks for cloud-scale analytics has significantly enhanced the experience and performance for Power BI users. The successful launch of the Azure Enterprise Data Warehouse occurred with minimal disruption.

Our data modeling approach empowers the business to quickly integrate new source systems, while faster runtimes ensure timely availability of the previous day’s numbers. This transformative solution has earned acclaim from the client, who now regards it as the ‘crown jewel of the company’ as it has effectively addressed and resolved their biggest challenges.

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