The Solution

3Cloud’s solution involves transitioning data warehouse object targets from Oracle to SQL, ensuring data structure consistency to minimize downstream impacts on datasets and reports. The focus is on constructing an Azure Data Platform by reengineering Informatica mappings using modern tools. This includes designing, building, and testing ingestion and Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) pipelines for seamless data transfer. 3Cloud collaborated with Intel, leveraging optimized processors on Azure for enhanced performance as workloads move to Azure.

Intel has collaborated with Databricks to identify opportunities to extract additional performance for data science and engineering workloads when running on the latest Intel hardware available on the Azure platform. Enterprises can realize these performance gains by choosing Intel Xeon Platinum processor–based Azure VMs when configuring Azure Databricks clusters. By choosing the right instances for a given workload, these performance gains can translate into lower application TCO.  Also, Enterprises can also realize performance gains by enabling Photon, a vectorized query engine that Databricks uses to provide fast query performance for SQL workloads. Photon is natively developed to use Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel AVX2). This native development provides data- and instruction-level parallelism on Intel processors to enhance SQL performance. By enabling Photon on Intel Xeon Platinum processor–based Azure VMs, enterprises can dramatically increase SQL query speeds to provide a wide range of performance and cost benefits for any size workload.

In addition, our team redeveloped outbound data feeds, directing them to extract from new sources while minimizing disruption to current data integration processes. This phase involved designing, building, and testing new extract procedures to feed external applications. It also required repointing, verifying, and publishing Power BI dataflows, providing a foundation for users to create data sets tailored for reporting purposes. 3Cloud’s approach aims to modernize the data infrastructure, optimizing efficiency and adaptability to modern Microsoft Azure tools and methodologies.

The Results

Collaborating with 3Cloud to build a new high-performance data platform on Azure empowers our client to align more closely with their overarching business goals. This modern solution not only enhances customer satisfaction but also fuels the expansion of consumer data. It also will help increase sales volume by improving data accessibility and cleansing it into a reliable source of truth.

The newly established platform enables our client to measure and track customer usage patterns and preferences. With this enriched understanding, they are now equipped to refine marketing strategies, ensuring a more targeted and personalized approach to their clients. Furthermore, the platform enables the client to measure the impact and effectiveness of their campaigns, providing valuable insights for continuous improvement and innovation. This technological upgrade positions the brewing company at the forefront of data-driven decision making, cultivating a more agile and competitive business landscape.

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