“3Cloud per person delivers 3x in comparison to many other firms we are working with.”

Paul Seo, Senior Vice President with Republic Finance

The Solution

Aligning with our Azure Modernization Strategy Framework, 3Cloud strategically partnered with Microsoft’s Solution Assessment and Account teams to guide Republic Finance through a carefully planned series of Solution Assessments. These assessments, enhanced by 3Cloud’s IP Co-Sell offerings, aimed to instill Republic Finance’s confidence in Azure and modernization techniques for their operations.

In this transformative initiative, we led the creation of a new Azure Foundation (Landing Zone) and designed an advanced data platform. We also migrated vital on-premises apps into a scalable Azure Kubernetes setup, boosting flexibility and efficiency. Additionally, to address connectivity issues for overseas users, we set up an Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) environment, ensuring quick problem resolution and improved user experiences.

The Results

As Republic Finance embraced its digital transformation journey on the Azure platform, they unlocked substantial business value across multiple dimensions. Initially, the Azure migration and modernization efforts led to a significant transformation in loan origination times. What once took weeks was now completed in days, resulting in a remarkable four-fold increase in loan volume. This efficiency surge not only met market demand but surpassed it, establishing Republic Finance as a dynamic industry player.

Furthermore, the adoption of modern, scalable applications, along with process improvements, enabled Republic Finance to expand from 6 US states to 15 states. This geographical expansion, supported by technology, strengthened their market presence.

Financially, Republic Finance’s achievements were impressive, with a 25% year-over-year revenue increase, showcasing the tangible benefits of their digital transformation. Looking ahead, they have ambitious goals, aiming to triple their annual net income from $700 million to an impressive $2 billion within just two years.


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