The Solution

Bankers’ Bank of the West partnered with 3Cloud to address two key challenges with our App Innovation solutions. First, we improved their existing custom tracking application by refactoring the code for better organization and clarity. We also adapted it to meet their current needs and requirements.

Regarding their data challenges in the Bank Card services apps, we identified a performance issue with the third-party API, which required monthly data aggregation. To overcome this, we created a background service for daily data retrieval, replaced flat file handling with API data and implemented an API service layer for data retrieval and aggregation on a daily basis. This streamlined the process and met their data structure needs.

The Results

BBW collaborated with 3Cloud to enhance their custom tracking app, resulting in a comprehensive solution. This app enables employees to manage tasks, track technical system changes, and assess associated risks. Management can oversee workloads, monitor changes and maintain an audit trail to meet regulatory requirements.

Additionally, our work on BBW’s Bank Card services application eliminated complex file parsing, enhancing reliability and performance. Data retrieval from a well-defined database schema, stored in BBW’s database, improved speed. This centralized data store and API layer now offer expanded possibilities for BBW’s current and future applications, adding further value.

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