“3Cloud gives companies like ARGO the ability to get expertise quickly for our market and help get things into the cloud. Their knowledge of Azure and healthcare infrastructure, plus the resources to build a relationship to deeply understand and offer solutions to challenges, makes us confident we are in good hands.”

Michelle Hook, MSN, RN, Director, Product Management, Healthcare

The Solution


ARGO engaged with 3Cloud based on a prior highly successful project, and on 3Cloud’s deep expertise and 2022 Worldwide Finalist for Healthcare & Life Sciences award with Microsoft. Our team had the knowledge to implement HL7 standards and a FHIR infrastructure. 3Cloud was able to quickly give ARGO the ability to accept HL7, as well as FHIR messages, enabling interoperability with any EMR system plus empowering them to get this application to market rapidly. In addition, the client wanted a well-defined app for end users. 3Cloud developed a new UI/UX web interface based on ARGO’s design and tied that into the FHIR component, and helped ARGO create the settings required to bring on approximately 20 hospitals already on deck to implement this new cloud-based solution.

The Results

Bringing in 3Cloud accelerated ARGO’s development of the Care Chain app while building and implementing a FHIR solution. In addition, we helped their team rapidly adopt and upskill in FHIR. As this solution is built in Azure, it is ARGO’s first-ever software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for their customers. 3Cloud also helped to develop an improved UI/UX solution interface, providing an easily understandable application for their clients and end users. Most importantly, we enabled ARGO to get this application to market rapidly, allowing them to market this key application to behavioral health facilities to save valuable time, increase insurance reimbursement, and improve patient care. Once officially on the market, this game-changing solution has strong potential to create an additional revenue stream for ARGO. Dave Perkowski, Senior Director, Technology at ARGO stated, “Any company looking to expand their horizons and be innovators will benefit from working with 3Cloud. The work ARGO is doing today using Azure has strongly benefitted from the success we have had with 3Cloud.”

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