BlueGranite’s tailored analytics solutions drive major business impact for clients. The key to our success is our deep bench of trusted technology experts – each with their own arena of expertise. As part of our Meet our Team blog series, today we’re introducing Angela Henry: a data solutions architect with over 20 years of experience in software development, database administration, and programming. 


Angela is a Solutions Architect at BlueGranite. Her role relies heavily on listening to clients about what can make their job easier, followed by suggesting solutions that will meet their needs, and helping companies make better business decisions. 

Angela received her bachelors degree in Computational Mathematics from the University of Colorado. She has achieved Microsoft certifications in Data Management and Analytics, SQL Server, and Business Intelligence, and is a Microsoft Certified Professional. She began her career as a Software Developer, before moving into a database administration (DBA) role. She worked as a database administrator for over 10 years before transitioning into the business intelligence space. 

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“I have worked in small shops where I had to wear all the hats, but I’ve also worked in very large shops where work duties were extremely segregated. That experience, combined with the different vertical markets I’ve worked in, gives me a very rounded background and allows me to pull from a very large toolbox to architect solutions.”

When asked what she enjoys most about working at BlueGranite, Angela emphasized the teamwork and partnership within the company. 

“The collaboration among employees at BlueGranite is truly amazing.  This is one of the biggest reasons that working for BlueGranite appealed to me.  In my last few roles, I was the technical lead and didn’t really have anyone to bounce ideas off of.  Even though we are a geographically diverse team, I know that I am just a chat away from getting feedback when I’m stumped.”

Overall, Angela’s favorite kind of project work involves helping companies figure out what they have in terms of amassed data, and how they can make better business decisions by using that data in productive ways. 

Angela grew up continuously moving around the United States, as her dad completed school. She went to five different elementary schools in four different states, and two high schools in two different states. The frequency of moving and starting fresh, taught Angela to easily adapt to new situations, she said. She believes in hard work and honesty, and was brought up with a strong work ethic by parents that both worked out of the home. 

“I believe that there is nothing you can’t achieve with hard work. It may take years to achieve goals, which means you have to break them down into smaller chunks so you can experience smaller successes that lead to your ultimate goal.  This translates very well to IT projects; you have to have an overall goal with smaller goals along the way to show your progress.”

When Angela isn’t working she enjoys sewing and athletic pursuits. Swimming is a major passion for Angela. She is a part-time swim instructor for both children and adults, outside of coaching the swim team at her local swim club.

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