Businesses today generate mountains of data, and generating insights from that data is increasingly becoming a top priority.  But with all that data to work with, how do you know you are getting the most out of your data analysis?

With Power BI Designer from Microsoft, you can enhance information context through easy data mash-up, and improve comprehension with effective data visualization. And that’s just the start! Further enrich the data using Microsoft’s easy to learn calculation engine, provide statistical analysis, and extend further into advanced analytics by leveraging Microsoft’s Azure ML platform.

In today’s Demo Day video, we’ll start down the road to advanced analytics, and look at how you can use Microsoft’s Power BI Designer to get more out of a set of sales numbers.

In a follow up to this Demo Day, we’ll dive into Azure ML and the power of machine learning, without needing to recruit a full blown mathematician! Power BI Designer allows you to capture, enrich and visualize your data, giving you otherwise unattainable insights in a matter of minutes.

In the video below, you’ll learn:

  • How the Power BI Designer lets you quickly and easily create appealing views and explorations of your data
  • Why you should bring together internal and external data to create visualizations with improved context
  • The power of DAX to add further mathematical analysis to your data model

Watch the video now to start getting more out of your data analysis.


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