Data Security

WORM Storage in Azure

In today’s post I’d like to talk about what WORM storage is and how it can help with compliance and security. With the recently added WORM storage in Azure, Microsoft supports immutable storage with their blob storage accounts, allowing various regulated industries and legal situations to be properly supported in Azure.

Steve HughesWORM Storage in Azure
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The 5 Stages of Cloud Adoption

So, still not in the cloud and the thought of doing so feels like you’re taking a huge jump into unknown waters? We’re seeing more enterprises starting to dip their toe in the water with Microsoft Azure. Microsoft has shown their commitment to where they’re going with their cloud infrastructure and the growth has been tremendous.

3CloudThe 5 Stages of Cloud Adoption
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5 Components of a Data Strategy

Businesses run on data – and the best organizations have a strong data strategy in place. We have consistent conversations with our customers about what they’re doing with their data and how they think about their data strategy. For the customers that get it right, we see 5 areas that they prioritize in terms of their strategy.

Adam Jorgensen5 Components of a Data Strategy
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Azure Hybrid and Security

Data Security. These words are in the forefront of many people’s minds and just hearing them may bring on an instant tension headache. Whether you’re in Europe anxiously awaiting the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that goes into effect in May, or here in the US, security and compliance is a hot topic today.

Steve HughesAzure Hybrid and Security
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3 Reasons Why You Should Move Your Business to the Cloud

Cyber security is on everyone’s mind these days and it can be a challenge for many organizations. If this sounds like you and you haven’t moved to the cloud, it’s something you should think about. I’d like to tell you why you should move your business to the cloud and why it could be more secure there.

3Cloud3 Reasons Why You Should Move Your Business to the Cloud
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