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An Intro to Azure Purview

Have you heard about one of the newest additions to Azure services, Azure Purview? This new addition to Azure services is currently in Preview and is a unified data governance tool that lets you easily create a map of your data landscape. I’m here to tell you more about Purview and share one of my favorite features.

In my video included in this post, I’ll walk you through a demo of how to utilize Azure Purview.

  • I’ll start with a view of a fictional data map. On that map, I have data centers and can group my data centers together.
  • I can also add many different data sources such as SQL Servers, Teradata, Hive Metastore, SAP, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, Azure SQL Databases, Power BI, as well as others, and the list is growing every day.
  • It allows for classification of sensitive data and there are built in systems classifications, as well as create custom classifications. So, if you store bank routing numbers, for example, Purview already knows what that is and how it should be formatted. You can then apply this classification to that field in the data map.
  • An example for a custom classification might be in a Police Department, where you may want to have a classification for the computer-aided dispatch and case numbers. And almost every organization has a custom employee ID. You can create those classifications and find them in multiple systems by using the automated data discovery process.
  • Purview creates a catalog that is easily searchable by your business users. They simple enter in a term and the interface will show matches and suggestions for different assets and places they can find them.
  • In my opinion, the coolest feature is the data lineage. Here’s how it works:
    • In my demo I have an example of a Power BI Campaign Analytics dashboard. It we start at the dashboard and work our way back, we’ll see there are two visualizations, campaign revenue and digital campaigns.
    • We can see that those come from a dataset that is embedded in the Power BI workspace. It also shows that both datasets come from some final data that had a prep and transform associated to it, along with showing the five different data sources.
    • The benefit here is being able to show our users where the data comes from, what happens to it, where it ends up and how it gets used can help them to understand the complexity of the data.

I am a strong proponent of data governance, but few organizations do it as it seems like a giant undertaking. I feel it’s one of the most foundational activities an organization can take to increase their data literacy and IQ. That’s why Purview is so exciting! It allows businesses to easily start cataloging their data and will show immediate value to the stakeholders in the organization.

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Leslie AndrewsAn Intro to Azure Purview
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Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Azure Synapse Analytics and the Preview of Azure Purview

There was some exciting news from Microsoft today! At a digital conference, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, announced the general availability of Azure Synapse Analytics and the preview of Azure Purview, Microsoft’s new unified data governance service.

Why are these announcements so important? Because to thrive, businesses need to harness the power of their data.

One of the best ways to harness the power of your data is to remove data silos. While not a new concept, achieving this has been a constant challenge in the history of data and analytics, as many ecosystems continue to be complex and heterogeneous. Organizations must break down all silos to the get the most out  of data and analytics, in a consolidated, secure, and compliant manner. Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Purview remove silos by creating a unified data analytics and governance service.

Now that we’ve given you an overview of the announcements, let’s break down the details of each Azure service.

What is Azure Synapse Analytics? Azure Synapse Analytics is a limitless analytics service that brings together traditional data warehousing and big data analytics – into one offering! Azure Synapse brings these two worlds together with a centralized experience to ingest, prepare, manage, and serve data for immediate BI and machine learning applications.

Azure Synapse Analytics Highlights

  • New cloud native distributed SQL engine
  • Deep integration with Spark
  • Flexible service query options – Serverless + Dedicated
  • Power BI + ML integration
  • Azure Synapse Link – Enables real-time data analytics with link to your operational database
  • TPC-H benchmark at PB scale
  • Native Row Level Security – This is not possible with Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery
  • Citizen Data Scientist capabilities with direct ML integration
  • Code Management – Automation, code sync to dev/master branch, and end to end deployment lifecycle
  • Power BI integration from inside the Synapse service
  • Ability to add Power BI reports into Teams for end users

What is Azure Purview? It is critical to enable these capabilities through a comprehensive data governance solution. An organization that does not know where its data is, does not know what its future will be.  Azure Purview is a unified data governance service that helps organizations achieve a complete understanding of their data. Azure Purview empowers users to discover all data across the business, track lineage of data and create a business glossary wherever it is stored: on-premise, across clouds, in SaaS applications, or in Power BI.

Azure Purview Highlights

  • Key important and rich features: Compliance, Catalog and Data Map
  • Sourcing from on-prem, SaaS, and multi-cloud services
  • Data Map: search/browse data by tech/non-tech domain
  • Business glossary
  • No manual building of data dictionary
  • Data scanning by clicking on a button
  • Automated data classification with custom options
  • Schedule for future scanning and classification
  • Easy cloud based data search
  • Data lineage and reporting
  • Free scanning: On-premise SQL Servers, Power BI Service, data sensitivity labeling for O365 E5 customers

The combination of Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Purview enables organizations to develop the capabilities needed to empower their teams to leverage all data for analytics and data governance, silo-free.

3CloudMicrosoft Announces the General Availability of Azure Synapse Analytics and the Preview of Azure Purview
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An Introduction to Data Governance (Part 1 of 2)

Data security is of utmost importance for all organizations, and can be ensured with proper data governance policies. In an introduction to data governance, there’s so much to cover, so I’ve split this Azure Every Day blog/video into 2 parts. Let’s start with the basics.

Jon BloomAn Introduction to Data Governance (Part 1 of 2)
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The 5 Stages of Cloud Adoption

So, still not in the cloud and the thought of doing so feels like you’re taking a huge jump into unknown waters? We’re seeing more enterprises starting to dip their toe in the water with Microsoft Azure. Microsoft has shown their commitment to where they’re going with their cloud infrastructure and the growth has been tremendous.

3CloudThe 5 Stages of Cloud Adoption
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