Azure Monitor

Monitoring in Azure Analysis Services (Part 3 of 3)

Welcome to the final installment of my mini-series on Azure Analysis Services monitoring. My first session discussed monitoring tool options, the Analysis Services engines and how queries are process. Session 2 was a review of how to use OLAP Profiler Traces to capture data and evaluate events to enable us to monitor server and Analysis Services database activity.

Alan FaulknerMonitoring in Azure Analysis Services (Part 3 of 3)
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Overview of Analysis Services Monitoring

Do you want to learn how to monitor the health of Azure Analysis Services servers? In a recent webinar with Principal Consultant, Alan Faulkner, he explores several different monitoring tools that range from monitoring the health of Azure Analysis Services servers to profiling data for SQL Server Analysis Services events.

3CloudOverview of Analysis Services Monitoring
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What is Azure Monitor?

Monitoring your subscriptions and resources is an important part of using Azure. If you’re starting out or working with Azure, I’d like to get you more familiar with Azure Monitor. Azure Monitor enables the core monitoring components for Azure, including metrics, activity logs and diagnostic logs that are at the base level reporting metrics for most, and soon all, Azure assets.

Steve HughesWhat is Azure Monitor?
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