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App Experience is the sum of interactions and feelings an end user has while using the app. User experience is a critical feature when it comes to the digital landscape, therefore creating a favorable app experience is critical for end user adoption and retention. A positive app experience will educate users about the benefits of the app and make them feel valued depending on the app’s purpose.

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By adopting an Agile and DevSecOps mindset, organizations can take advantage of the technology advances without putting themselves at risk. Agile projects cost less, have higher quality, are more predictable, and drive higher employee engagement. The fail-fast mindset of agile transformations centers around adaptability and keeping pace with customer needs and expectations, placing the focus on the individual user, what he or she needs, and why. DevSecOps integrates security initiatives at every stage of the software development lifecycle to deliver robust and secure applications.

3Cloud Solutions Microsoft Azure App Experience Agile and DevSecOps

experience design

Experience Design (UX) is not an end-goal. It’s a long-term process, involving stakeholders, researchers, designers, developers, and other team members. Experience Design is about solving problems. We must first understand the problems before we start creating the design solutions. When we engage in projects, whether it’s building a brand-new project or redesigning an existing one, we need a high-level value structure to refer to throughout the process. We must clearly define the points along the time continuum of a UX project.

3Cloud Solutions Microsoft Azure App Experience Quality Engineering

quality engineering

When building apps, you need the discipline of engineering along with the principles and practice of app quality process, assurance, and control. 3Cloud focuses on quality right from ideation. Our approach aims to incorporate future-proof quality through the app development lifecycle. Our quality engineering includes an automation-first mindset so expended effort can result in value that can be realized during build, and during your future evolution of the apps.

3Cloud Microsoft Azure App Experience

Customer Spotlight

Large dental health insurance provider boosted custom satisfaction and optimized the customer experience by modernizing systems to allow single sign on experience on Azure.

3Cloud Microsoft Azure App Experience

Creating powerful app experiences

  • Reach a higher engagement level while providing more value to your customers.
  • Leverage built-in integrations and strong data protection.
  • Build a secure brand and credibility with a secure, reliable app end users can trust.
  • Thoughtful design and a series of interactions to help the end user achieve their desired outcomes.

3cloud solution

App Innovation Jumpstart

Application innovation enables your organization to unleash the power of Azure and transform your apps to be a flexible foundation for the future.  

Creating a modern digital estate provides a competitive edge in the market, enhanced compatibility, robust security, superior reliability, improved customer experience, and reduces operational cost.

  • Quality Apps Providing Market Differentiation
  • Reduce Risk and Operational Cost
  • Unleash the Power of Rapid Azure Adoption

3Cloud can help you accelerate your app modernization while optimizing time to value on your investment with our App Innovation Jumpstart solution.

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App Innovation Jumpstart
leverages powerful Azure


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App Service App Service

Azure Integration Services Azure Integration Services

Cosmos DB Cosmos DB

Cognitive Service Cognitive Services

Power Platform Integration Power Platform Integration

“3Cloud helped us migrate our software to a more secure and scalable cloud-native architecture, and we have leaned on their engineers in multiple cases to help design and execute on platform conversions. I value 3Cloud as an expert partner for all of our Azure initiatives.”


3Cloud Microsoft Azure App Innovaiton

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