Azure Adoption

Azure Adoption

You’re on a level playing field.
Or you should be.

The capabilities of cloud platforms like Azure have democratized technology. Take big data analytics: once a hallmark of government organizations and the world’s largest enterprises, rich insights are now within reach of the small regional manufacturing firm.

Speed matters

The faster you can migrate your applications and infrastructure to Azure, the faster you can start taking advantage of new capabilities, optimizing your spend, and focusing your team on innovation. We can help. We’ve moved thousands of applications and servers to Azure. We know how to empower you and your team, and we know how to do it fast and right.

So does security

In an increasingly perilous, connected business environment, security is always at the top of your mind. But times have changed: most of our clients are now looking at their datacenter transformations to Azure as a substantial security upgrade, rather than a risk. We know it matters. We employ a “secure by design” approach to our plans that ensure your environment and systems and data are protected from threats.

And so does automation

Ensuring that you have a secure, efficient, high-quality environment is no small feat. Which is why we focus on working with our clients on automating significant parts of their datacenter environments. Automation ensures that your apps are running at the right scale, that you’re deploying assets consistently, that you’re driving down the cost of activity. We can help. We have a rich library of scripts that we bring to our work together, and we have the skills to make Azure work quietly in the background for you.

Ready at your pace

We believe most clients should embrace a migration to Azure on the most rapid possible timetable. But that approach is not right for every company, and it may not be right for you. We can help. We understand the trade-offs, and have worked with clients on their Azure adoption – both those focused on transformation and those focused on evolution.