Traditionally, “managed services” refers to the practice of outsourcing business functions to an outside organization, with the purpose of improving operations and reducing expenses. At BlueGranite, we’ve taken the standard concept of managed services and elevated it, thereby enabling Digital Transformation in your organization by fully integrating our team of Data and Analytics experts into your efforts.

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With BlueGranite’s Recurring Services (RS), you are provided dedicated support from our team of expert consultants, whose aim is to act as a natural extension of your team, able to support both your short-term and long-term objectives. Our consultants strive to be a trusted advisor within your organization, business unit, or department and are committed to providing excellent service, while always being there as credible and reliable sources of information.

Run concurrently with a project-based engagement resulting in solution implementation or initiated after, RS engagements benefit from flexibility and enjoy a healthy balance between focusing on new development potential, new data source additions and integrations, new technologies research and implementation, and more. In a typical Recurring Services engagement, a monthly allotment of hours is available to be used by the partnering consultant. This could break down to 75% of the month’s allotted hours being used on new development, while the remaining 25% is spent on production support, allowing for incremental growth on a month-to-month basis with the ability to change priorities as necessary, based upon the speed of business.


Why Recurring Services at BlueGranite?Engagements

Our partnering clients choose BlueGranite’s Recurring Services for a variety of reasons, but four common scenarios include the needs for:

  • Post-Training Enablement
  • Post-Project Services
  • Upgrade & Tuning
  • Flexible Support


Post-Training Enablement

Sometimes, after completing implementation courses, there is the need to come alongside with the client and walk through the enablement. This allows us to extend and apply the knowledge previously acquired from BlueGranite training. This also allows access to necessary skillsets that may be currently unavailable and addresses a range of issues related to cost, quality of service, and risk. The RS team provides support and advisory services for your organization in its Modern Business Intelligence adoption and is an active partner in helping you implement newly learned skills within your organization.

Post-Project Services

If you’re wrapping up a project delivery by BlueGranite, Recurring Services is a natural extension to keep your solutions up-to-date, effective, and to help provide the biggest return on investment. The RS team can assist you in enhancing your solution by adding ideas discovered during the project that were out of scope originally. Incremental updates to your solution, such as adding new data sources and building new reports and dashboards, allow the RS team to help you fully leverage the power of data and analytics within your organization. The ongoing relationship between your team and the RS team allows for new opportunities to provide long-term value.

Upgrades & Tuning

With the assistance of the experts on the RS team, your solution and tech stack will stay up to date in the fast-moving world of data and analytics. The team can help your organization stay current on emerging technologies, and enhance and improve your BI, data warehouse, and analytics solutions. We can also help maintain and improve the performance of data models and systems over time, as well as add new features, thereby helping you realize more returns on your data investments. The RS team is equipped to assist with AI and machine learning models and solutions that need long-term care as well.

Support as a Service

Recurring Services offer you the ultimate flexibility through our Support as a Service model. Weekly task prioritization allows for transparent communication, while monthly planning sessions ensure alignment with your vision at the macro level. “Flex Hours” are a component of our Recurring Services contracts that allow for overages in any given month to cover for unforeseen circumstances. Finally, detailed status reports keep you updated and in the driver’s seat, providing an overview of all work being done by the BlueGranite team on a day to day basis.


More Information

If you’d like to learn more about how your organization can take advantage of BlueGranite’s Recurring Services, or if you’d like to schedule a meeting with our team to discuss your needs, please contact us.