Machine learning can provide better answers than traditional BI methods when it comes to an array of business questions. You can easily use Azure ML to find answers to common questions like:azuremlbusinesscase.png

  • How do consumers feel about my product or service?
  • What products is a customer likely to purchase?
  • What will our revenue look like next quarter?

Regardless of your industry, using machine learning to formulate and predict answers can give you more accurate and in-depth information, and it doesn’t just have to be used to evaluate customer behavior. A hospital could take advantage of machine learning to predict the likelihood of a patient being readmitted over the next 30 days. Or, you could use machine learning to help you determine what neighborhood or city you should open your next shop in. The possibilities are endless.

In the video below, you’ll learn:

  • The types of questions machine learning can help answer
  • The three common barriers machine learning projects encounter and how Azure ML helps you overcome them
  • How predictive models deployed as APIs make Azure ML a building block for more advanced analytic solutions

Watch the video below!

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